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Rhine Elevators Ltd, formerly known as Stevens Elevator Ltd, is an elevator company offering elevator services in Kenya. We supply lifts and escalators, installs and offers maintenance services. We are authorized agents for Rhine Germany Elevators in Kenya. Rhine is a German brand of elevators and escalators that are manufactured with the latest cutting edge technology to give the best safety features, smooth ride comfort, high speeds and best quality at an affordable rate. We ensure our products have an aesthetic touch with the clients' building design!Our service is based on quality. Peter Drucker said, "Quality in a product or service is not what you put into it. It is what the client or customer gets out of it". We simply work on that principle.Our elevator and escalator drives and controllers are designed with the latest cutting -edge German technology making them eco-friendly and able to serve for long with minimum downtimes.Our team of experts are seasoned lift engineers who have worked for major elevator companies in the industry for decades. They are professionally trained locally and internationally to handle not only our products but even third-party products with expertise. Rhine Elevators Ltd is The Home Of Experts!
Founder Biography
Stephen Wanga is a lift engineer who founded Stevens Elevator Ltd and officially started operations in October 2020. The company has a mission to offer local Solutions to our vertical transportation problems. Vertical transportation entails movement within a high rise building. Our vision is to empower local engineers to appreciate their own capacity to solve vertical transportation problems that are realistic and affordable.