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THISAbility Consulting® is a multidisciplinary consulting firm co-founded by researchers with and without disabilities.Our company is staffed by a professional, bilingual, and highly skilled workforce with a wealth of knowledge and a creative spirit, as well as a full grasp of the services we offer and a dedication to all areas.
Our Field of Expertise
Qualitative and quantitative
data collection, transcription, research, and analysis
Monitoring and Evaluations
Developing and refining project proposals
organizing project launching sessions, supervising projects.
Developing courses modules and tools
On any topic related to Disability Rights, Inclusive Development
Developing training and course
modules/tools on any topic related to Disability Rights and Disability Inclusion, and subsequently conduct workshops
Conduct and facilitate training
On Disability Rights and Inclusive Development
Advice on the design, due diligence, and implementation
of sustainable projects undertaken by local organizations that are established and run by persons with disabilities
Recruit and empower
Encourage and enable promising early-career scholars and researchers with disabilities who want to further their careers.
Facilitate platforms
Promote platforms where competent researchers with disabilities from the Global South cooperate with Northern partners not only in tandem, but also as co-leaders.
Innovation in every step