Rhine Elevators

Our Work Experience
Some of the work we delivered thus far includes
The African Union Commission (AUC) Headquarters, Department of Social Affairs (DSA): Addis Ababa, Ethiopia
A Comprehensive Accessibility Auditing of the African Union Commission (AUC) Headquarters’ Complex premises in Addis Ababa through spatial and non-spatial methodologies.
The German Development Cooperation, GiZ
Two online course modules developed by THISAbility Consulting for a project entitled “Equitable Access and Response to COVID-19 Pandemic (EAR) Project: Ensuring Disability Mainstreaming in Key Sectors” run by the Africa Disability Alliance (ADA), funded by GiZ.
Save the Children International (SCI) – Ethiopia CountryOffice
A four-day virtual training on disability inclusion to SCI Staff and partners.
UNICEF/Development Pathways
Situation of urban destitute populations (people with disabilities) and their accessto social services and safety net programs in Ethiopia. UNICEF-MoLSA study in collaboration with Development Pathways and THISAbility Consulting, 2018
Atlas Alliance – Norwegian Association for Persons with Intellectual Disabilities (“NFU”)
Due Diligence Assessment of three organizations: the Federation of Ethiopian Associations of Persons with Disabilities (FEAPD), the Ethiopian National Association of the Intellectually Disabled (ENAID) and Natanim Foundation.
African Youth with Disabilities Network
Facilitator: Steering Committee Training on Association Establishment and Governance
Federation of Ethiopian National Associations of Persons with Disabilities (FENAPD): Addis Ababa, Ethiopia
Assessment, grading, and recruitment of candidates for the position of Executive Director of FENAPD
Disability Rights Promotion International (DRPI), York University Toronto, Canada
Developing tools for monitoring disability rights discrimination, as well as disability policies and laws, across Sub-Saharan Africa. This included identifying a set of specific indicators of disability-based rights violations analyzed using the Convention on the Rights of PWDs (UNCRPD) as a guiding framework.
Save Your Generation Ethiopia (SYGE)
KAP (Knowledge Attitude – Practice) Assessment on Sexual Reproductive Health (SRH) and HIV/AIDS among youth with disabilities in selected schools in Addis Ababa and the Addis Ababa University
Cheshire Services Ethiopia (CSE): Addis Ababa, Ethiopia
Managers’ and Project Supervisors’ Training on Documentation and Writing Winning Proposals
In- deIn-depthation of Community Based Rehabilitation (CBR) project of the organization in Arba Minch, Southern Ethiopia Region. Followed by a holistic Evaluation Report that was (and is being) used as a key reference document in LFTW’s national strategic planning on inclusive development.
The Ethiopian Federal Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs (MoLSA): Addis Ababa, Ethiopia
Assisted the Ministry in compiling, writing, editing Ethiopia’s State Report to the International Committee on Rights of Persons with Disabilities (based in Geneva). This involved evaluation of implement the intention of the UN Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities (UNCRPD) by all Federal Government ministries.
In-depth evaluation of Community Based Rehabilitation (CBR) projects of the organization in Arsi, Moyale, Yabelo, Wolisso, and Ambo, Oromia regions of Ethiopia, to be followed by a meta/comparative’ analysis of all evaluations.
Qualitative Assessment of Inclusive and Sustainable Food Systems in Ethiopia: A Project by the Convening the Convincing Programme of The Netherlands
The International Labor Organization (Ethiopia Country Office)
Develop Sector-Wide Strategy and Action Plan for The Employment of Persons with Disabilities in the Ethiopian Garment/Textile Sector
Network of Organizations of/for the Visually Impaired and the Blind (NOVIB)
An Assessment of Ethiopian Policies and Laws Regarding Disability Inclusion in Education Sector and the Physical Infrastructure in Addis Ababa
Ethiopian National Disability Action Network (ENDAN)
Assessment of Ethiopian Policies and Laws Regarding Disability Inclusion in the Labor Market in Addis Ababa
Addis Ababa University (AAU), Center for Human Rights
Postgraduate Training Module on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities
UWEZO Youth Empowerment, Rwanda
A seven-day Disability Rights Monitoring training (online)
Atlas Alliance – The Norwegian Association of the Blind and Partially Sighted
Due Diligence Assessment of the Ethiopian National Association of the Blind (ENAB)
Stellenbosch University, South Africa
Research Assistance, African Policy on Disability and Development (APODD) – jointly led by the Centre for Rehabilitation Studies (CRS) at Stellenbosch University and Trinity College Dublin (TCD) of Ireland